Introducing Sirene Skincare

From eating plenty of protein to getting our heart pumping and prioritising sleep, many of us know the importance of looking after our bodies when it comes to hormonal health. Yet, when it comes to problem periods, heavy bleeding and PMS woes, it’s important to recognise that your skincare can also play a part. Many … Continue reading “Introducing Sirene Skincare”

What Is Dry Body Brushing, And Why Should You Try It?

Lurking among the uplifting essential oils, creamy balms and soothing salts of my bathroom is one of my favourite beauty treasures: my dry body brush. Granted, it may not offer the same glitz and glamour of some of my more luxurious products. Yet, this humble, innocuous-looking brush is one of my Tried and Tested remedies, … Continue reading “What Is Dry Body Brushing, And Why Should You Try It?”

Positive Affirmations – And How to Use Them

Our minds are powerful things. They hold more control over our bodies, our wellbeing, our lives – even our dreams – than many of us may realise. And yet, how often is your brain flooded with negative thoughts of self-doubt or even self-loathing? How often does your mind swirl and swarm out of control? If … Continue reading “Positive Affirmations – And How to Use Them”

Ten Simple Tips To Ease Stress

Feeling stressed and ready to make some changes? While we can never get rid of stressful situations completely, there are lots of simple steps you can take to ease the impact – and to help your body cope better with stressful situations. Here are some of my favourite tips to let go of your stress! … Continue reading “Ten Simple Tips To Ease Stress”

The Impact of Stress On The Body

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’ve found the last few weeks (the past year, in fact) to be more than a little overwhelming, emotional – and stressful. Many of us have started 2021 in high-stress situations, pushed to our limits by lockdown, missing friends and family, job and financial uncertainties, home schooling … Continue reading “The Impact of Stress On The Body”

Blend My Day Breakfast Review

(NB These items were gifted to me, but the review is completely honest and unpaid for) Confession: I LOVE breakfasts, but I rarely have time to make them for myself. Between feeding Cato the dog, dashing frantically around the house hunting for lost shoes and socks, making breakfast for four young kids, cleaning toothpaste off little … Continue reading “Blend My Day Breakfast Review”

Simple Steps to a Healthy Gut

Did you know that you are more bacteria than you are human? Gut health has become a huge topic of discussion in recent years – and for good reason! Hippocrates once wrote that “all disease begins in the gut” and, more and more, today’s health experts are sitting up and taking note. In fact, from … Continue reading “Simple Steps to a Healthy Gut”

The Future of Plant Protein

N.B. Post Sponsored by the FutureKitchen Project*Most people who enjoy a plant-based diet have been stopped and asked, by mystified passers-by, the question, “but where do you get your protein from?” One of the most common (and frustrating!) misconceptions of vegan diets is that going meat-free means we must be devoid of nutrients, and hugely … Continue reading “The Future of Plant Protein”

Top Tips For Veganuary

Whether you’re doing it for health, animal welfare or environmental reasons, it seems that everyone is starting to embrace plant-based foods. In fact, I’ve been overwhelmed by just how many people are trying out Veganuary this year. Far from being a random experiment, more and more of us are getting onboard and – hurrah! – trying … Continue reading “Top Tips For Veganuary”

10 Tips For a More Sustainable Life

As a mama of three young boys, there is nothing more important to me than protecting our planet and trying to undo the damage our fast-paced, disposable lives have done. Thankfully, after a year of turbulence – including the heart-breaking burning of the Amazon rainforest -the world is finally starting to sit up and take … Continue reading “10 Tips For a More Sustainable Life”