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From eating plenty of protein to getting our heart pumping and prioritising sleep, many of us know the importance of looking after our bodies when it comes to hormonal health.
Yet, when it comes to problem periods, heavy bleeding and PMS woes, it’s important to recognise that your skincare can also play a part.
Many of my female clients are shocked when I tell them that some of the lotions and potions lining their bathroom shelves (as well as many of the chemicals found in household cleaners) may well be interfering with their dreams of hormonal harmony.
You see, without getting too technical, many of these products contain certain chemicals and ingredients known as Endocrine Disruptors. In other words, these chemicals can cause chaos when it comes to our endocrine system.
Why is this important for women’s health? Well, this can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing -this same system plays a big role in reproduction, metabolism and much more. Put simply, these substances may upset the delicate balance of our hormonal systems, making our bodies dial up the production of some hormones – and hold off on making others.  And, when you consider that the average woman applies 168 chemicals to her face and body, you can see why it matters.
While I feel that this deserves a post of its own, all you really need to know is this: be aware of what it is you’re putting on your face and body. After all, your skin is your largest organ – it matters what we massage into it!
With this in mind, I always love to sing from the rooftops when I stumble across natural, organic beauty brands that are every bit as wonderful for my skin as they are for my body!
My latest love is Sirene Woman, who have just launched their new skincare line – and it is utterly divine!
From cleansers to sumptuous serums and divine oils, there truly is something for everyone. Each product is created using only the highest quality organic ingredients that you’ll likely recognise…
Here’s what they have to say about their range – and why we should all be shopping it, too!
“Since the dawn of time, we (women) have possessed a deep, instinctual knowledge of how to take care of our bodies using the bounty that Mother Earth offers us. In modern times, we expose ourselves to a multitude of chemical ingredients – and it is now time to reclaim our wisdom, take care of our planet and let her take care of us in return.
“Our new skincare range features only ingredients that are plant-based and paraben-free. Our ingredients are locally-sourced, and some are wild-harvested in the mountains of Mallorca.”

My pick of the bunch is the Balance Me Body Oil (£42 for 100ml), a vegan blend which is designed to nourish and offer some extra TLC and balance when we are on our periods. The oil base is made using a dreamy combination of Evening Primrose (renowned for its hormone balancing properties), Rosehip and Organic Sunflower Oil – a trio which not only nourish and moisturise the skin beautifully, but work to support wellbeing.

It also smells like heaven and is guaranteed to soothe both senses and soul. Think a feminine, natural aromatherapy blend of calming lavender, soothing geranium and rose, which is also known for its ability to support women’s health.

Honestly, this oil is a joy to use – particularly after a long, frazzled day where you’ve been on your feet or dashing around endlessly. But it’s also delicious to use to nourish your body in the run-up top your period, where you may be longing for time to indulge in self care – and to enjoy some space and silence!

I have also loved using the Soothing Botanical Moisturiser, which is light yet nourishing – and perfect for my oily / combination skin that often feels the effects of having four young children to dash around after! The moisturiser is aimed at stressed or tired skin (hello!) and contains a high concentration of organic Aloe Vera grown and wild-harvested in the mountains of Mallorca.
Rich yet light at the same time (I have been using it before applying my make-up, and it softens, brightens and nourishes – without leaving me with shine and sliding make-up!), it has an almond oil base with cocoa butter, beeswax, calendula and chickweed tincture (known to cool and relieve.). The fragrance contains notes of purifying and balancing geranium, as well as lavender which can help to clarify and heal skin.
Truly, the entire Sirene skincare range is sumptuous, decadent and indulgent – all while being every bit as good for your skin and body as it feels!
I hope you enjoy it, too!

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