Triple Chocolate Frosted Avocado Brownies

avocado brownies

After a long, sleep-deprived weekend (Ezra has suddenly decided that sleep is for wimps – night time is for play!), I was definitely in need of some cheering up yesterday.

The UK hasn’t done much to help! The sky has seemed endlessly grey lately, the days are cold and frosty, and the winter just seems to stretch onnnnn and on. It’s hard when you suffer with SAD, and long for sunshine, warmth and light. I am so ready for spring right now!

Anyway, yesterday my brain felt a little foggy, and all I wanted was carbs, carbs and chocolate. The ultimate combination on a gloomy January Monday!

Avocado brownies are one of my absolute favourites. Yet, never one to shy away from decadence and all the chocolate, I decided to pimp up one of my favourite recipes with these Triple Chocolate Frosted Avocado Brownies.

The simple reason for making these was that a girl can NEVER have too much chocolate. Yet, I didn’t count on three hungry boys, who all clamoured around my legs wanting more.

The brownies lasted literally for an hour.

Anyway, these are one of my favourite vegan brownie recipes, and are also much healthier than your traditional recipe.

They use avocado as a healthy, nourishing fat in place of butter or coconut oil (I don’t really like coconut oil in baking – I’m not sure why!), which is one of my favourite ingredients for vegan baking. Especially vegan brownie baking! Meanwhile, refined sugar is replaced with coconut sugar and maple syrup (still not completely healthy, I know, but every little helps!) .

vegan avocado brownies

I’ve also kept these brownies gluten-free – both Leo and Ezra struggle with gluten, Amir too! – thanks to the use of brown rice flour and ground almonds.

To complete the brownie heaven, I topped mine with a chocolate avocado frosting, and stirred through some dark chocolate chips. I also topped with fresh berries – I love raspberry brownies! – but you can do whatever you fancy.

Regardless, these are chocolate heaven! Enjoy every last bite!

Sam x

Triple Chocolate Frosted Avocado Brownies


  • Creates 9-12 brownies
  • For the brownie –
  • 160g good quality dark chocolate (the very best you can afford – it makes all the difference! I used Maza Chocolate)
  • 1 medium to large ripe avocado, pitted
  • 1/2 cup cashew butter
  • 5 tbsp coconut, cashew or oat milk
  • 3 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tbsp freshly-brewed espresso coffee (optional)
  • 1 tsp vanilla paste
  • 3/4 cup coconut sugar
  • 1/2 cup gluten-free brown rice flour
  • 2 tbsp cacao
  • 2 tbsp ground almonds
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp bicarbonate soda
  • Pinch salt
  • Up to 1/3 cup more coconut milk (optional) to loosen
  • 100g dark chocolate chips
  • For the frosting –
  • 1 ripe, medium avocado, pitted
  • 80g good quality dark chocolate (the best you can afford)
  • 1/2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1-2 tbsp cacao OR chocolate protein
  • 1-2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla paste
  • Pinch salt
  • Berries, to decorate (optional)
  • Method:
  1. Preheat your oven to 170C, then line a brownie tin with baking paper.
  2. Either in a microwave or in a bain marie, melt the dark chocolate, stirring until completely smooth.
  3. Blend together the avocado, cashew butter, coconut milk, maple syrup, vanilla and apple cider vinegar until smooth and mousse-like, scraping down the sides as needed. Slowly add in the melted chocolate mixture and blend once more until well combined.
  4. Stir together the dry ingredients – the rice flour, protein / almonds and cacao, coconut sugar, bicarb, baking powder and salt – until combined.
  5. Pour the chocolate mix over the dry ingredients and, using a wooden spoon, fold together until combined. The mixture may be very thick. Add in the additional milk, one tablespoon at a time, if needed, until slightly thinned – your ideal texture is to have the batter just falling over your spoon when you turn it upside down (it shouldn’t stick to the spoon, and it shouldn’t fall off quickly in a big dollop!). Fold in your chocolate chips.
  6. Spoon your brownie mixture into the prepared tin, then smooth over with the back of a spoon.
  7. Bake in the oven for 25-32 minutes (the lower time for a fudgier brownie, the higher time for more cake-like!) or until cooked through, checking at around 15 minutes to see the brownies aren’t browning too fast. If they are, place a sheet of baking paper over the top.
  8. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.
  9. In the meantime, make your frosting by gently melting the coconut oil and chocolate, either in a bain marie or in the microwave.
  10. Blend together with the remaining frosting ingredients, adjusting taste as necessary, until smooth. Spread over your cooled brownies, then top with fresh berries, cut into squares and enjoy! Best eaten on the day of cooking, but stores in an airtight container.

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