About me


Freelance health and food journalist & recipe developer. Professional nut butter addict, fitness fan, lover of good food.

Hi, and welcome to my site!

I’m Sam – a home cook, busy mama, recipe developer, health and fitness journalist, and blogger (as well as being a professional nut butter addict).

In particular, I have a passion for health and well-being, as well as bringing joy and fun to delicious and nutritious food. Wherever I can, I try to make healthy eating fun, using whole, natural and unrefined ingredients that nourish your body as I go.

I’m also a journalist born and bred – I was trained in Multi-Media Journalism, which means I can do all sorts of weird and wonderful things (well, almost!), and I was also lucky enough to work for the BBC in radio, TV and online.

I sort of stumbled into the health and fitness world by accident. I was at a crossroads in my life, not really sure where I was going. Then, four years ago, I fell pregnant with my eldest boy (I have three – they keep me on my toes!) and became fascinated by nutrition and how it helped both me and my growing baby.

Fast forward to now, and I get to work with some truly wonderful brands, writing fascinating posts and articles, as well as newsletter and web content. I’m fascinated by all things health and fitness, and especially love meatier articles where I really need to research and dig in deep with science and studies.

My passion for food (what can I say? I love to eat!) has seen me move into recipe development, working alongside brands to brainstorm ideas for exclusive recipes, collaborate, get cooking and then produce beautiful, professional-standard photography. I love to get creative in the kitchen, so feel free to challenge me!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my site and trying out my recipes! Please let me know if you give them a go, and come and say hello to me on social media – I won’t bite!

Have fun exploring,